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Tribe Porty is a place to make good things happen – a connectivity hub which promotes a healthy and happy community.

Tribe aims to provide a space for nurture and growth of human potential through supporting local people in work, art and quality of life. This is done through practical opportunities and support and encouraging connections. There is evidence that people powered health not only brings transformational change, but also economic benefits.

Tribe provides affordable work spaces and co-working opportunities and works on multi disciplinary creative projects. Members of the collective are free to grow as individuals whilst Tribe seeks the collaborative opportunities. We proactively develop partnerships and alliances that can be shared across the collective.

More and more common are skills share, time banking and trade schools. As much as they are all different, they are based on similar themes; the power of people and social capital. Social Capital concerns the institutions that help us maintain and develop human capital in partnership with others; e.g. families, communities, businesses, trade unions, schools, and voluntary organisations. Human Capital consists of people’s health, knowledge, skills and motivation. All these things are needed for productive work.

Tribe Porty supports connectivity and the rest of the enterprise has been developed with the help of local desires. Tribe Porty wants to support many calls to action. We know how to improve the lives of individuals and communities and the good news is that it doesn’t take any more resources to do it-it takes a hub and folk to find their Tribes.

Tribe members are chosen for their individual skills and creativity – and for the breadth and quality they bring to the collective. To discuss coworking opportunities, you can book a chat below.

The space is a central point for the community to connect with what is happening in the local area. Tribe aims to support any and all local groups, clubs and interests.

Tribe seeks to create an ecosystem which does not require a huge investment — even small incentives go a long way. At their core, entrepreneurial ecosystems are built on the belief that in local economies, the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. While this insight may seem simple, its possibilities can be dramatic.

“It is a sign of maturity for a community to bind itself in friendship with others; it knows its own identity, so doesn’t need to make comparisons. It loves even the differences which distinguish it, because each community has its own gift which must flourish.”

Tribe Porty has a board of directors which include Danielle Trudeau, Johanna Holtan, Steve Earl and Bob Cummins. You can read more about them in the Tribes section.

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